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Cristina, thank you so much for your note!  I just Skyped with my daughter and
she loves the berries. The packaging and decorated berries are beautiful!
Thank you so much for your high quality product and presentation!

Colleen Clements - 10/05/15

I recently placed and order with you that was for my boyfriend for Valentines Day. 
I want to thank you, he absolutely loved them and was very happy.  I saw them over a
FaceTime call and they looked even better than I imagined.  The strawberries were huge
and beautifully decorated.  The box was very nice and we both loved the hand written note.
They were delivered at a perfect time also.  He still has two left and they are still nice
and fresh. Thank you for making the day special for us. 

Farrah, 17/02/15



Hi Cristina,
Thanks so much for letting me know. They texted me and said it was the most wonderful gift ever so I really

appreciate it!

It's nice to be able to send something special to my lovely friends when I'm all the wayon the other side of the

world. And thank you for the updates too - it definitely made it more personal.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Kind Regards
Carolyn,  15/11/2014


Hi Cristina
We had a great anniversary thank you! In regards to feedback...
The condition of gift on arrival was absolutely fine from what my mum tells me as she received it

Appearance was great very classy and well designed box!
Service from yourself Cristina was absolutely perfect...very tentative and helpful, and delivery was

also as stated to me so happy with that.
And of course the taste of the strawberries, me and my girlfriend found themes be Delicious...

beautiful big strawberries that we're made very well in chocolate tasted juicy and fresh :-)

I will be referring berry temptations to people and using you guys in future!

Thank you very much for all your assistance Cristina.
Have a great day and hopefully you will hear from me soon!

Bilal, London, 30/01/2014


Hi there,
Condition: Perfect
Appearance: Chic and elegant
Service & Delivery: Fantastic (even in the snow!)
Taste: Absolutely amazing, the best strawberries and chocolates anyone will ever enjoy!!!!!!

The gift was greatly received and was truly the most amazing present. I would definitely be

ordering from Berry temptation again.

Thank you very much!

Aneeka G, London, 22/01/2014


Please see my comments below.
- The condition of the trays on arrival:  SUPERB!
- Service and delivery:  Very professional and friendly.
- Taste of our chocolate dipped strawberries. DELICIOUS! The strawberries were a huge hit at

our party. The guests loved them and were a great surprise to come out later in the evening.

I would definitely recommend you and yourstrawberries to my friends.

Stephanie, London 15/01/2014


Hi Christina,
We would just like to say a really big thank you for all your help with our short notice to you.

The strawberries were scrumptious and went down a treat, with one of the Managers taking a

few home. 

The party went really well, and we were very pleased with the venue and theming.

Once again, ‘Thank you Juliana & Cristina’, we will definitely recommend as well as keep you

on our books for any future events. You help has been really appreciated.

Hope you were able to collect your tiers with no problems and in one piece.

Many thanks.

Mona & Nikki, London, 12/12/2013
Corona Energy


Hi Juliana and Cristina 
I wanted to say thank you so much for the beautiful Tower strawberries last night, they were a

real hit and the guests loved them! 
I would very much like to book you for forthcoming events and Swarovski were very impressed

too, I will ensure they have your contact details. 
Thanks and best wishes 

Courtney, London 28/11/2013

-The condition of the gift on arrival. - perfect
-The appearance of the gift box. - the gift box was beautiful
- Service and delivery. - Great and delivery was very efficient
- Taste of our chocolate dipped strawberries. - delicious!! and very addictive
- How did you find us. - I was very impressed with your company and staff is very friendly and


-Does the strawberries had a decent size...:) - Yes haha incredibly sized strawberries. Emily was

amazed and she absolutely loved them. Thank you so so much :)  

Krystal, London, 29/07/2013


- The condition of the gift on arrival. = Perfect, but the box did need to go in the fridge after

about an hour.
- The appearance of the gift box.= Absolutely beautiful, everyone agreed that the presentation

was very impressive.
- Taste of our chocolate dipped strawberries. = Everyone loved them; they were juicy and sweet. The toppings were varied, so there was a strawberry to suit everyone! It was a wonderful present for my mum's 65th birthday

she loves sharing things with her family.

Tess, London, 23/07/2013


Hi Berrytemptation
We wanted to write & let you know what we thought of the New Berry gift box which we
were sent by our friends when our daughter was born. What a refreshing change from all the
flowers and baby grows that we got, and presented in such a beautiful presentation box, they
felt really luxurious. Such a nice change to have a gift that we could all enjoy too, even our
young son - big juicey strawberries and real chocolate - what a great combination. We both
felt very spoilt, and even vaguely healthy with the fresh strawberries. Just wish I'd thought of
these myself as a gift for my wife, she loved them! We were so impressed that we wanted to
write and let you know what we thought, and that we'll be buying these for all our friends as
they become parents.
Keep up the good work,

John Redfern,London,  01/07/2013
Oh my Goodness! - We just had a delivery of a box of these wonderful strawberries today - I'm telling you - TO DIE FOR! - Delicious, exquisite and ultimate luxury gift or treat! The husband was delighted - The kids
were delighted and i'm simply in heaven - Just beautifully, professionally presented in
yummy chocolate designs! Lovely keepsafe re-usable box. ThankYou so much for today's
delivery - I will be coming to you first for the next gift i ever send.. Simply wonderful!,
Nicolle, West Hampstead. London 16/05/13 

Dear Customer Service,
I have the following comments on your service: The condition of the gift on arrival.  Very 

good contition.- The appearance of the gift box.Lovely appearance.- Service and delivery. Good delivery.- Taste of our chocolate dipped strawberries. Very nice taste of all of them, in particular the ones dipped in nuts-chocolate.- How did you find us. In the internet search and by mouth reference.

- The condition of the gift on arrival It was in absolutely perfect condition
- The appearance of the gift box. Beautifully stunning. Very posh and absolutely a luxury gift
- Service and delivery. Absolutely brilliant and extremely professional
- Taste of our chocolate dipped strawberries.surprisingly flavourful. 

I was surprised by the large size, integrity and state of the strawberries. I have photo'd some

and will be blogging about it. Really high quality gift!    Judith Lewis 29/03/2012 (Mostlyaboutchocolate)


The trip to Germany was great and the strawberries were perfect!they were out from about 7:45

am to maybe 6pm just in the plastic bubble wrap with the freezer pack, and still fresh ! Chocolate perfect and no melted and the strawberries were super juicy and delicious. The packaging is perfect too and keeps the strawberries very protected and well presented. My friends were very very happy.You should be very proud of your product.   Belinda 30/03/2012


Excellent in every respect.. Matthew  14/02/2012

Dear BerryTemptation,

Thank you.  My wife and my PAs all enjoyed the strawberries very much - so much nicer than

chocolate on its own. They arrived in perfect condition and the box was very nice. Also, thank

you for dealing  with the delivery address glitch.  I was impressed by your dedication. I hope

you had a profitable Valentine's Day.   David 14/02/2012



The condition of the gift on arrival. Very good, The appearance of the gift box. Nice and elegant, Service and delivery. Good. Delivery on schedule, Taste of our chocolate dipped strawberries. Very tasty. Strawberries looked very nice and fresh. Only comment: the extremity of the strawberries which was not dipped in chocolate looked green. It had no impact at all on  the taste, but it is surprising at first sight. Maybe good to explain on the flyer why they look like that (variety, Sign of freshness?) Also it would be useful to add advice on best conservation if one does not eat all the producton reception day (fridge, Room temperature?) It was a very enjoyable experience and I would be delighted to receive more or to send a box as a gift to a friend. Marcela 14/02/2012

They arrived in excellent condition thank you!  Fresh and tasty.  Everything was just perfect; The gift box looked very elegant too.   Lui 04/02/2012